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What we do

Institutional Energy Solutions (IES) is dedicated to the design and distribution of clean, institutional cookstoves and related technologies that protect human health and the environment for communities around the world.

Why it matters

Inefficient institutional cooking technologies, including three-stone fires and rudimentary masonry stoves, are used to cook at schools, hospitals, churches, and other institutions that serve hundreds of millions of people worldwide. These technologies contribute to multiple problems including:

  • Smoke emissions that are responsible for countless premature deaths and contribute to climate change 

  • High wood fuel use, which causes financial burdens for often impoverished institutions and rapid deforestation in some regions

  • Burn hazards for cooks, accompanying children, and others present in institutional kitchens

How we work

We specialize in engineering design, technology transfer, and technical and business strategy support for trusted, mission-driven manufacturing partners. 

We seek to develop solutions that are tailored to local contexts and that create value for all stakeholders.


Our current manufacturing partners are located in East and West Africa:

To inquire about ordering please feel free to either contact our partners at the links above, or contact us directly.

We also recommend our colleagues at Burn Manufacturing in Nairobi, Kenya as a supplier of institutional cooking products that share the same underlying design as IES stoves.

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